At Mt Evelyn Medical Surgery, we have highly skilled Division 1 Registered Practice Nurses.

Brooke, Denise, Sarah, Jenny and Sam provide an exceptional standard of holistic and comprehensive care to our patients.
Their role at our surgery is diverse and their knowledge base is broad. They play a major role in the delivery of primary care, health promotion and the management of acute and chronic health care needs.
Our Practice Nurses are well recognised as key members of the Primary Health Care Team.


The nurse plays an integral role in Health Promotion and prevention, and here at Mt Evelyn Medical Surgery, we have a large focus on Chronic Disease Management and the coordination of the delivery of care.

Working in conjunction with the patient, the nurse can assist you in your health care needs & problems, and the goals you would like to achieve. Anyone in the community having a long term chronic medical condition may benefit from a Care Plan. For example: Asthma, Lung Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Depression, Osteoarthritis, and Heart Disease.


Our nurses are fully accredited Nurse Immunisers and are happy to assist and talk to you about any issues you may have regarding Immunisations. They also assist the GPs in providing travel vaccine advice and vaccination.


Our nurses are up to date with wound care management and knowledge of dressing products. They can assist you in your wound care advice and treatment. If you have a Gold DVA card, your GP can arrange for you to access dressing products on your DVA prescription.


Our nurses assist the General Practitioners with performing Free Health Assessments as listed below to eligible patients.

  • Over 75 Health Assessments
  • Aged 45-49 who are at risk of developing a Chronic Disease
  • Aged 40-49 Type 2 diabetes risk evaluation
  • Health assessment for people with an intellectual disability
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Health Assessment (no age limit)



The team uses care planning, coordination and review as the tool to focus on better management & self-management of the participant’s health and to incorporate the multidisciplinary team. Our main aim is to prevent increased hospital presentations, and achieve an all-round better quality of life for the patient.


Our clinic is registered for the Medicare Australia ‘Closing the Gap’ scheme. This scheme can allow patients of Aboriginal Torres Strait Island origin to access cheaper or may be even free medicines. You need to be over 15 years old and have, or be at risk of getting a chronic disease such as asthma, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke or kidney disease.

Please see one of our dedicated Nurses for more information.


The practice nurse can perform basic audiology testing to assess hearing abilities and the need for further investigation.

We also have an Ear Micro-suction machine that can perform ear wax removal.

For further information, please talk to one of our Practice Nurses.


Our nurses can provide advice on Aged Care Assessments. These assessments assist frail older people and their carers identify the kind of care that will best meet their needs. If you need a bit more help with basic tasks at home or you need more intensive aged care services, we can help you assess it. Our nurses, together with the GPs, can help work out the support you need.

Some people feel anxious about the idea of an assessment, but it is an opportunity to identify options. It’s a way of working out how much help and what types of care and services you may need and may be eligible for. Your wishes are always heard and considered, and you will never be forced to make any decisions about your future during your assessment.